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History of Wedding Films

Have you ever wondered what filming a wedding was like in the early 1900s? As you might imagine, the quality of wedding videos was very poor back when it first started. They were shaky and the image was grainy. The videographer was most likely a family member that was a video enthusiast. In 1908 the compact hand-cranked Parvo camera was first made in Paris by André Debrie which was very expensive. This camera had no audio capabilities.

It slowly grew in popularity from around 1915 to the mid-1920s. By that point, it was the most used film camera of any kind. There was a huge problem though, hand-cranking and supporting the camera while simultaneously aiming and focusing was difficult and often led to unusable footage.

Stabilization is a problem even today. With the internal stabilization in our cameras, footage can still look shaky. That’s why when filming a wedding we use elaborate gimble technology rated to sustain the weight of our camera. DJI has created multiple incredible devices to balance and move cameras in ways that allow videographers to capture the perfect wedding moment.

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11 giu 2022

It would have been very cool to see a camera like that back then!

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