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Elisabeth + Jason

A Perfect Lake Wedding|Prescott, Arizona

You never know what you will get with Prescott weather in March. When we arrived at the the wedding location, it was a little over cast, windy and began to drop snow flurries on us. It was about 30 minutes till ceremony time and guest were just beginning to arrive. With each smiling face, full of anticipation as they stepped onto the ceremonial pad, the flurries stopped and the sun began to peek through the clouds. Weddings at Goldwater Lake never disappoint. The groom arrived, the last minute details were set and everyone seated. Jason walked the moms to their seats, and then proudly took his spot next his dad at the top of the isle. Elisabeth exited the car with her dad and took the most exciting walk of her life. Goldwater Lake sparkled behind them as they said their vows, exchanged rings, shared in communion and kissed for the first time as Mr and Mrs Perry.

Relive their beautiful day here


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